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Leroy Vinnegar

Glass Of Water

On High Records


LP Black $28

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  • Jazz Holy Grail
  • First ever vinyl reissue
  • Pressed on audiophile virgin vinyl
  • For Rhodes & Wurlitzer Lovers


Bassist Leroy Vinnegar has gone down in history as the person who popularised the "walking bass" style in jazz. He has worked with Chet Baker, Eddie Harris, Les McCann, Lee Konitz, and Stan Getz. His milestone 1973 album 'Glass Of Water', featuring Dwight Dickerson on the Rhodes and Wurlitzer, slipped into obscurity shortly after release. However, in recent years it has been rediscovered and has become highly coveted as a grail for crate diggers and jazz collectors worldwide.

On High is proud to present the first ever reissue of this long-forgotten classic. Remastered and pressed on audiophile virgin vinyl to fully capture the wonderful spacey emotion of Vinnegar's classic LP.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Twila
  • 2 Funny Time
  • 3 Glass Of Water
  • 4 Damn! Somebody Stole My Pants
  • 5 My Romance
  • 6 Muffin Man
  • 7 Hey Mon