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Genesis (1969)



LP Green $32

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  • Limited edition
  • Pressed on green vinyl
  • Originally produced by Gary McFarland, Gábor Szabó and Cal Tjader


Enchanting and sunny 1969 psych folk by San Francisco teenage sisters Wendy & Bonnie Flower. A cult album that would later inspire bands like Stereolab, with dreamy vocal harmonies as the main attraction, laced with Brazilian splashes and soft-rock strains. Pure timeless psychedelic pop perfection, awash in serenity and haunting reverie floating in the ether above airy soundscapes that convey a sophistication that belies the artists' tender age: 15 and 18. Alongside them are top-notch musicians such as guitarist Larry Carlton, drummer Jim Keltner, bassist Randy Sterling, and organists/pianists Mike Melvoin and Mike Lang. Originally produced by Gary McFarland, Gábor Szabó and Cal Tjader.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Let Yourself Go Another Time
  • 2 The Paisley Window Pane
  • 3 I Realized You By The Sea
  • 4 You Keep Hanging Up On My Mind
  • 5 It's What's Really Happening
  • 6 Five O'Clock In
  • 7 The Morning
  • 8 Endless Pathway
  • 9 Children Laughing
  • 10 The Winter Is Cold