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Jahi and Configa

Future Forward

Mosta Records


LP Green $27
  • Pressed on Green Vinyl
  • Mastered by Bill Skibbe from Third Man Mastering, a division of Third Man Records


“All day from the UK to The Bay…” Configaration Records proudly presents Jahi and Configa’s debut collaborative project, ‘Forward Future’, on vinyl, in conjunction with Mosta Records.

Public Enemy’s/Enemy Radio’s seasoned MC Jahi and highly acclaimed veteran British Producer Configa, come together (the duo were originally known under the guise of ‘GodFiga’), bringing forth with ‘Forward Future’ their own special blend of Golden-Age infused hip-hop for the 21st Century. The album is an unapologetic articulation of a Janus-like (god-figure) collaboration, foregrounding a desire and a capacity to simultaneously reference the past whilst mapping out the future. ‘Forward Future’ embodies an essential understanding of hip-hop’s fundamental need to continually look backwards in order to continuously move forwards. More than just a retrospective nod, the project is one of re-gilding Golden-Age hip-hop with an evolving millennial consciousness and awareness- “The future where I do my best work, yet preservation and respect”.

With purely Configa and Jahi featuring, listeners can look forward to an unadulterated expression of a shared version and vision of what hip-hop was, is and can be. At the heart of a rich musical menagerie of quick-tempo head-nodders, smooth soulful sounds, live instrumentation and afrobeats, lies Configa’s unwavering commitment to a boom-bap par excellence and Jahi’s deep lyrical content. Impeccable production provides the perfect backdrop to, and vehicle for, ingenious wordplay and reflective truths. From the upbeat gratitude expressed in ‘Medaase’, through to the meditative mantra for mental well-being that is ‘Mindfulness’ and the infectious optimism of ‘Fly’, ‘Forward Future’ is a visionary roadmap presenting the best of what conscious hip-hop has- and always had- to offer going forward into the future.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Forward Future
  • 2 Medaase
  • 3 Mindfulness
  • 4 Rock On
  • 5 I Remember
  • 6 Yes Yes Y’all
  • 7 More News @ 10
  • 8 Fly
  • 9 Ghetto Poems
  • 10 Outro