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Minami Deutsch

Fortune Goodies

Guruguru Brain


LP Black $28
  • The third Minami Deutsch LP
  • Recorded between Berlin and Tokyo
  • Genre lands somewhere between Krautrock and experimental
  • Daydream album


Everyone has their own imagination about outer space, and each one us gets to daydream about what exactly floats or exists there. ‘Fortune Goodies’ is Minami Deutsch’s long-awaited 3rd studio album. While not all the songs on the record function as straightforward Krautrock this time around, they still manage to capture the spirit and heart of the genre. After relocating from Tokyo to Berlin, Miula’s musical vocabulary has greatly expanded, thus resulting in this ultimate Japanese take on cosmic music in 2022.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Your Pulse
  • 2 Still Foggy
  • 3 Grumpy Joa
  • 4 Pueblo
  • 5 Interpreters Of Forest
  • 6 Fortune Goodies
  • 7 Whereabouts
  • 8 Steller Waffle
  • 9 Floating Fountain
  • 10 The Border