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Fall of Porcupine (Original Game Soundtrack)
LP Black $28

SHIPS BY 2024-07-26

  • Pressed on classic black vinyl
  • Composed by Pinsel
  • Limited edition


All work, all play – Fall of Porcupine tells an emotional story about a young doctor, who struggles to find his place in the small town of Porcupine. The game combines a vibrant, hand-painted world with the harsh reality of working in a flawed healthcare system, as the player accompanies Finley on his journey. While we do not guarantee that the game will make you cry, there’s a high chance it might.Step into the town of Porcupine and take to thewell-loved scrubs of Finley, the newest fledgling doctor to join the ranks of St. Ursula's hospital. As the seasons in the small-town change and life startsto stir, you'll soon realize that things aren't always what they seem: Not everyone is honest with themselves and others, the healthcare industry is not as illustrious as it seemed in medical school, and the work/life balance Finley strives toward might be impossible to achieve.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Main Theme
  • 2 Porcupine on a Fall Day
  • 3 Pina's Theme
  • 4 Glowmilk Memories
  • 5 Glowmilk Adventures
  • 6 Porcupine on a Rainy Day
  • 7 Mia's Theme
  • 8 Dr Theobald's Theme
  • 9 Irma's Nostalgia
  • 10 Gilberts
  • 11 Karl's Theme
  • 12 Irma's Song
  • 13 Main Theme Strumming
  • 14 Hibernation Festival
  • 15 Porcupine on a Winter Day
  • 16 Dawn of Spring
  • 17 Summer's Gone By