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Vladimir Horunzhy

Elves OST

Terror Vision


LP Red Swirl $34
  • Liner notes by the composer
  • Audio pulled from original tapes/remastered
  • Gatefold packaging/colored wax
  • Art by Earl Kess


The movie follows a group of girls who go for a romp in the woods and decide to hold some sort of séance. One of them cuts her hand by accident and a hellish nightmare begins when the blood fallen on the forest floor awakens an evil elf. The elves were created by a Nazi mad scientist during World War II and lie dormant until now. Now they must fulfill their special mission and mate with a virgin to take over the world as a pint-sized master race. The department store Santa who must expose this unholy force and stop the gruesome terror before Christmas is destroyed. With its wacky plot, quotable terrible dialogue, gore, nudity, bad taste, and bad acting, this is a festive favourite that will keep on giving regardless if your dizzy on rum and eggnogs.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Opening
  • 2 Action Scene
  • 3 Cats End
  • 4 Xmas Band
  • 5 Electrocution
  • 6 Chase
  • 7 Elf Close Up
  • 8 Elf Catches Frog
  • 9 Elf is Watching
  • 10 Girls Get into Store
  • 11 Grandfather explains
  • 12 Grandpa CU
  • 13 Kirsten in bed
  • 14 Car chase
  • 15 Chase woods
  • 16 Horrific Elf
  • 17 Kurt
  • 18 Red Crystal
  • 19 Car Chase
  • 20 Action in street
  • 21 Santa finds emblem
  • 22 Chase through city
  • 23 Three girls