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Takeshi Inomata

Drum Method

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  • A master drummer who has always been exploring new horizons


Takeshi Inomata, a master drummer who has always been exploring new horizons, released another masterpiece from the golden age of jazz-rock. The music is funky and groovy as if to provoke the listener. He leads Sound Limited, a great group that played a role in the development of Japanese jazz-rock, in pushing the limits of the groove with his ever-changing stick work.

From covers of songs such as “Runaway Child” and “Smack Water Jack”, to compositions such as “Sleeper” and “Seven Four” by Norio Maeda, a close friend of the group who also participated in the arrangement of the album, to the overwhelmingly powerful drum solo “Drum Concert”, the band’s diverse selections are seamlessly A high-density groove fills the venue.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Runaway Child
  • 2 Smack Water Jack
  • 3 Child Of Storm
  • 4 Pourquoi Pas?
  • 5 Where Do You Go From Here?
  • 6 Drum Concert I
  • 7 Fibonaccis Number
  • 8 Blue Rondo A La Turk
  • 9 Maiden Voyage
  • 10 Drum Concert II
  • 11 Sleeper
  • 12 Seven Four