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Dorohedoro Original Soundtrack

Sad Disco


2LP Clear $110
  • Pressed on Clear Double Vinyl
  • First released in 2016
  • Soundtrack to dark fantasy manga, “Dorohedoro”!


The soundtrack of the dark fantasy manga “Dorohedoro”, which was made into an anime in 2020 and has created a worldwide fanbase, is going to be reissued as 2LP!!

DOROHEDORO Original Soundtrack was originally released by MHz in 2016 as an oversized 2-CD set, supervised by the author, Q Hayashida, and Yuta Umegatani of Murder Channel, and was acclaimed by fans of both sides as a cult classic that uncompromisingly achieved a fusion of manga and music. The album was sold out soon after its release and afterwards it was sold for more than 10 times its original price.

With the support of diskunion / DIW PRODUCTS, the album is finally being reissued under the two names of Murder Channel and Sad Disco!!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 khost - Redacted Recalcitrant Repressed
  • 2 Candie Hank - Dorohedoro Zombie Slushi
  • 3 Big Lad - Eating food and fighting Wizards
  • 4 NAH - Enter the Hole
  • 5 hanali - She is a devil
  • 6 Dr Das - LIZARD HEAD
  • 7 Shackleton - Transformations
  • 8 Ghengis - The Hole
  • 9 Roly Porter - Don't Think, Just Kill
  • 10 Dead Fader - Kaimans Head
  • 11 Dow Jones Brotherhood - Radio 538
  • 12 Ed Cox - Stay down zombies!