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Sean Bialo

DONUT Dodo Original Soundtrack



7” Black $15 $30
  • Pressed on 7" Black Vinyl
  • Limited Edition
  • Featuring new songs from the arcade version of “Donut Doodle Doo!”


The original soundtrack of the masterpiece retro-style action game that has been the talk of the town among game fans will be released on a limited donut vinyl (7inch record)!! The retro-style action game “Donut Dodo” stole the hearts of game fans as soon as it appeared, with its look and music that seems to have come straight from the 80s! If the game has a doughnut theme, there is no choice but to make it, and a limited edition doughnut vinyl (7inch record) is now available for pre-order! The album contains a total of 9 songs, including new songs from the arcade version of “Donut Doodle Doo!”.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Fun House Fiasco
  • 2 Construction Site Chaos
  • 3 Ferris Wheel Frenzy
  • 4 Candy Store Crush
  • 5 Steel Works Sizzle (exA-Arcadia)
  • 6 Dodo's Lair
  • 7 Stage Complete
  • 8 Bonus Pumpkin Bounce
  • 9 Game Over