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Scott Bomar

Dolemite Is My Name (Music from the Netflix Film)



LP Color $30
  • Music by Scott Bomar
  • Pressed on 180 gram Opaque Purple vinyl.


Dolemite is his name and rappin’ & tappin’ is his game! Eddie Murphy’s 15-year-old pet project about Rudy Ray Moore is absolutely one of the best feel good films in recent memory. Featuring music by Scott Bomar. The soundtrack is a loving homage to 1970’s funk and Blaxploitation scores that sounds contemporary and fresh rather than just leaning on the past. It’s fun, reverential and funky as all hell. Bomar has an incredible feel for funk and soul and it absolutely shines here. This vinyl edition features the full score plus tracks sung by Eddie Murphy, Craig Robinson & Da’Vine Joy Randolph.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Dolemite
  • 2 Like I Should
  • 3 Parking Lot
  • 4 Liquor Store Wisemen
  • 5 Recording Comedy
  • 6 Sell It
  • 7 I Ain't Studdin' You
  • 8 Ballad of a Boy and Girl
  • 9 The Dunbar Hotel
  • 10 Clean Up
  • 11 Feed the Honkies
  • 12 Scene 3
  • 13 Put Your Weight On It
  • 14 I'm Gonna Kill Dolemite!
  • 15 We Done
  • 16 Phone Call
  • 17 Promote The Shit
  • 18 New House Record / Walkin'
  • 19 Leaving
  • 20 Arrived