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Do You Hear Me Talking To You?

Groove Diggers


LP Black $18 $46
  • Limited edition vinyl
  • Comes with an iconic Japanese obi-strip
  • Features legendary opener and title track, “Do You Hear Me Talking To You?” and A-side closer, “World Full of People”


This is what the people want! Often considered to be one of the rarest records of all time, original pressings have sold for over three thousand dollars on the second hand market, a record (no pun intended) regularly compared to the similarly ultra-rare ‘Help Us Spread The Message’ by The Mighty Ryeders. We’ve combined the LP with “World Full of People”, a killer track originally recorded by the band under the Everyday People moniker to create the ultimate People’s Pleasure experience!

Opener and title track “Do You Hear Me Talking To You?” is a groovy, soulful explosion, with wah’d out guitars, a funky bassline, and 70s percussion forming the basis for the lovely twin harmonies of People’s Pleasure. A-side closer “World Full of People”, is a mid-tempo dance classic, a track long popular with DJs from L.A. to London, to Tokyo. Album closer “Fantasies and Dreams”, is a downtempo classic, with dreamy harmonies floating above a heavenly synthesizer. The record is often considered a grail for record collectors – nothing more than a fever dream for most – with appearances on the second hand market being few and far between. Don’t miss this fantastic reissue on limited edition vinyl, with an iconic OBI-strip, available soon from P-VINE Records!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Do You Hear Me Talking To You?
  • 2 Dreaming Our Lives Away
  • 3 Lonely People
  • 4 Heavenly Feeling
  • 5 World Full Of People
  • 6 I'd Like To Stay
  • 7 A Feeling Inside
  • 8 A Thank You Song
  • 9 Fantasies And Dreams