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Josh Willis

Devil's Curse (Music from Super Castlevania IV)

Cartridge Thunder


CD $18
  • Full-color artwork printed to disc, housed in jewel case
  • Brand new artwork from Alex Pei (the artist behind The House of the Dead vinyl release)
  • Reimagined music from the original Super Castlevania IV soundtrack
  • Music arranged, produced, and performed by Josh Willis


Introducing Devil’s Curse: Music from Super Castlevania IV. Josh Willis (the artist behind Banana Jamz 1 and 2) has recreated 30+ iconic tracks from the Super Nintendo Konami Classic, Super Castlevania IV. Originally composed by Masanori Adachi and Taro Kudo, the music from Super Castlevania IV includes legendary tracks like “Beginning” and “Bloody Tears,” the latter of which has become a series staple. Josh Willis has arranged and recreated the original tracks with modern production equipment, adding punch, power, and ballistic electric guitar to the album, originally composed for the 1991 Super Nintendo release.

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