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Mark Sparling

Cursed to Golf (Original Game Soundtrack)

Black Screen Records


2LP Multicolor $37
  • Composed by Mark Sparling
  • Art by Crisppyboat
  • 2xLP set, presented in a thematic duo of 180g heavy duty records  one golf course green and the other ghostly transparent magenta
  • Manufactured in Czech Republic
  • Liner book with interviews with composer Mark Sparling and lead designer Liam Edwards Hand-illustrated music sheets
  • Remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge


Black Screen Records, Lost In Cult Records and Chuhai Labs are proud to tee up, for the first time, this terrific Cursed to Golf vinyl featuring the complete and unabridged soundtrack from the inimitable Mark Sparling! Captured in its grooves are the energetic chiptunes that goaded you on from course to course, as you ascended from Purgatory to become a Golfing Legend. Relive your finest drives or be introduced to this world of caddie-ridden fantasy in this beautiful collection of fearsome hooks and catchy choruses.

Mark Sparling shares with us some insight into his aims for the Cursed to Golf soundtrack: "Cursed to Golf was simultaneously some of the funnest and most challenging music I have had to write in a long time. The original pitch for the music was ‘Castlevania meets Mario Golf,’ and it took me some time to find a good balance that we were happy with. But I’m really proud of the end result! "Enjoy all your favourite tunes across this 2xLP set, presented in a thematic duo of 180g heavy duty records, one golf course green and the other ghostly transparent magenta. Brought to life with art from Crisppyboat, this playful gatefold reinterprets Cursed to Golf’s iconography through a joyous new lens.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Cursed to Golf
  • 2 A Fore-tuitous Meeting
  • 3 Spirits on the Slopes
  • 4 Grave on the Green
  • 5 Scramble with Scotty
  • 6 Short-Sided Searching
  • 7 Grit on the Green
  • 8 Sand Slice
  • 9 Scramble in the Sands
  • 10 Caddy is Saddy
  • 11 Frozen Fairway
  • 12 Sobbing and Shopping
  • 13 A Cold Conflict
  • 14 The Birdie Master
  • 15 Blazing Birdie
  • 16 Going Up
  • 17 Glory to Golf