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Creamy Mami 80‘s on Vinyl
LP Black $40
LP Blue $40

SHIPS BY 2024-07-26

  • Limited edition re-release
  • Available on both classic black vinyl and clear sky blue vinyl
  • Curated collection: 10 enchanting tracks


Exciting news for fans of vintage J-POP! Following overwhelming demand, we're thrilled to announce the re-release of "Creamy Mami 80‘s on VINYL," hitting shelves on November 3, 2023!

Indulge in the nostalgia of classic J-POP as Creamy Mami (Takako Ota) graces your ears with her melodic renditions of 80s favorites. From her heartfelt self-covers of "Delicate ni suki ni shite" and "BIN KAN Rouge" to the infectious charm of "LOVE Sarigenaku," each track on this vinyl revival evokes the essence of a bygone era.

This carefully curated collection features 10 enchanting songs, including the captivating "Check Point," the soulful "C," and the uplifting melodies of "Akai Sweet Pea" and "Kogarashi ni Dakarete." With each groove, let Creamy Mami transport you back in time to a world filled with wonder and musical delight.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Delicate ni suki ni shite (DJ Guai-GROOVE MIX)
  • 2 C
  • 3 Check Point
  • 4 LOVE Sarigenaku (Acoustic ver.)
  • 5 Kogarashi ni dakarete
  • 6 BIN・KAN Rouge(DJ Guai-City Night MIX)
  • 7 Natsuiro no Nancy
  • 8 Believe Again
  • 9 Akai Sweat Pea
  • 10 LOVE Sarigenaku (Piano Short ver.)