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Opus Science Collective

CrawlCo Block Knockers (Original Video Game Soundtrack)

Ship To Shore


LP Green $27
LP Glow in the Dark $28
  • Opus Science Collective’s soundtrack to the funky puzzle game
  • New artwork by Mike Luckas housed in a specially made die cut LP jacket
  • Pressed on limited edition neon green vinyl


Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to announce the much-celebrated future funk score to naughty action puzzler CrawlCo Block Knockers!

“Blast the big bosses, solve action-packed puzzles and uncover lovely ladies!” CrawlCo Block Knockers is a modern-day throwback to the days of smoky Tokyo arcades and glowing arcade cabinets with “Gal’s Panic” emblazoned on their marques. Thankfully developers CosmiKankei and Eastasiasoft were self-aware enough to not just make their creation about tantalization: besides programming an addictive, amazingly playable piece of software they also made their game more tongue-in-cheek than its forebears, and this is perhaps most evident in the soundtrack.

Featuring the mid-tempo electronic groove one would most expect to hear in 80s porn (or modern porn parodies) but with a much heavier emphasis on the synths, artist Opus Science Collective has managed to convert the neon colored look of the game into a sonic treat for the ears, music that hooks you in just as much as the gameplay does.

Preview Tracklist

  • 2 Block Knockers (Title Theme)
  • 3 Knocked Up (Menu Theme)
  • 4 Let's Get Knockin' (Tutorial Theme)
  • 5 Girls on Blocks (Level 1 Theme)
  • 6 Lipstick & Lolliblocks (Level 2 Theme)
  • 7 Knock, Block & Roll (Level 3 Theme)
  • 8 Knockturnal (Level 4 Theme)
  • 9 Knocked Off (Stage Clear)
  • 10 Knock Blockers (Boss Theme)
  • 11 Don't Come Knockin' (End Credits)
  • 12 Knocked Out (Game Over)"