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LP Green $50
  • Pressed on Clear Green Vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • Originally released in 1984


Due to becoming a big hit from her previous record, “Timely!!”, Anri was brought to record her next album in L.A. with producer, Toshiki Kadomatsu. The studio musicians that took part in making of this album include Leon Chancler・Ed Green (Dr)、Nathan East (B)、Paul Jackson Jr.・Calros Rios (Gt)、Don Grusin (Key)、Ernie Watts (Sax)、Jerry Hey (Tp) participated. From dance tracks to mellow tunes, the colorful and vivid songs on this album are truly the culmination of the Kadomatsu trilogy, and a prologue to the dance-ability of Anri of the late 80’s.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Bring Me To The Dancenight
  • 2 Gone With The Sadness
  • 3 Kimamani Reflection (New Version)
  • 4 I Can't Ever Change Your Love For Me
  • 5 Silly City Girl
  • 6 Morning Highway
  • 7 Surpise Of Summer
  • 8 Flashin' Night
  • 9 Mercury Lamp
  • 10 He's My Music
  • 11 Maui