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Robin Beanland

Conker's Bad Fur Day (Original Soundtrack)



2LP Black $40
  • 2xLP Classic Black Vinyl
  • Music by Robin Beanland & album art by Joey Spiotto
  • Remastered Exclusively for Vinyl


Let us all revel in this musical glee, bowing in tribute to one of the most important soundtracks in video game history, containing one of the most epic ballads the world has ever known – Conker’s Bad Fur Day feat. “Sloprano” (aka “The Great Mighty Poo Song”). Painstakingly remastered exclusively for this vinyl release, Robin Beanland’s charming and crass (and charmingly crass) lavatorial libretto has never sounded better! Matched with artist Joey Spiotto’s ingenious play on [REDACTED] animation classics, we’re beyond proud of our latest collaboration with legendary developer, Rare.

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