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LP Black $17 $42
  • Limited First Edition Pressing
  • Debut album of Japanese Ambient artist
  • Pressed on black vinyl


Following his debut EP tttwoface from the Belgian label URBAN WAVES last year, Tokyo based electronic musician Yanaco has defined their sound, focusing their wide range of influences into what is no doubt one of the finest ambient albums to come out of Japan in recent years.

Samples, programmed electronics, and synth pads are layered with care and precision to create an ineffable serenity that calls to mind the works of both Hiroshi Yoshimura and Aphex Twin, while still being distinctly Yanaco. Look no further than opening track “Colors”, with its lush production and downtempo beats, to see what Yanaco does best. The beats and relaxed vibe are reminiscent of the best electronic music to come out of the 90’s, during the golden age of ambient house.

Yet the opportunity provided by a full length album sees Yanaco stretch out into other forms of ambient music, such as on “Kidou (Orbit)”, which takes inspiration from new age music with its use of harp and strings; or “Dawn”, in which a clarinet and saxophone play lines that could have been taken from a track over a chorus of gently looping electronics and warm synth pads. You can even hear traces of the ever-popular “Lo-Fi Hip-Hop beats” in the slinky guitar tone of “When”. Despite the broad range of influences, these 12 tracks flow seamlessly into each other, achieving a level of cohesion that few musical projects ever reach. All you need to do is put down your needle, close your eyes, and you’ll find yourself in ambient analog bliss.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Colors
  • 2 回想(Recollection)
  • 3 Doze
  • 4 Sophisticated Savage
  • 5 軌道(Orbit)
  • 6 When
  • 7 Memories
  • 8 Planet of Sorrow
  • 9 After Dark
  • 10 Yanc
  • 11 木霊(echo)
  • 12 Dawn