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COБAKA (Crouka)
2LP Black $56
  • Pressed on Black Double Vinyl
  • Originally released in 2001
  • First time on vinyl
  • Featuring bonus track, “It’s You (It’s Muro Mix)”!


The long-awaited analog version of Tatsuo Sunaga’s first full-length album, produced in 2001. A total album consisting of 5 vocal songs featuring Emi Nekozawa, Vince Andrews, etc. and instrumentals. His sense of transforming Brazilian, jazz, and lounge music into a pleasant, high-quality club sound is what Shibuya’s Record Banchou is all about! Hiroshi Fujiwara’s cover of “Kasukana Shirushi” is a standard dawn classic. A complete reprint of the short story “Inu no Hikari” by Seiko Taito that was included in the CD. and! “It’s You (It’s Muro Mix)” is added as a vinyl limited bonus track!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 istonichcoff (theme from T.R.A.P)
  • 2 it's you 
  • 3 prologue
  • 4 Kid
  • 5 Chitose Kukou
  • 6 welcome!
  • 7 satellite beats (it's yours)
  • 8 C'est vous sur le pont
  • 9 onde'a'Palmspring
  • 10 an announcement for COБAKA (crouka)
  • 11 COБAKA (crouka)
  • 12 GEMINI IV space dub
  • 13 a preview
  • 14 voet op de mann
  • 15 theme from Sunaga′t Experience
  • 16 times 24h by starlight
  • 17 Kasukana Shirushi
  • 18 [Bonus Track] It's You (It's Muro Mix)