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Tetsuya Takahashi

China Cafe

Great Tracks


12" Black $34

SHIPS BY 2024-08-16

  • Pressed on 12" black vinyl
  • Fist ever vinyl release
  • Takahashi's third single


Japanese music media powerhouse 'Natalie' and Sony Music Labels' vintage imprint 'GREAT TRACKS' have teamed up to drop the debut vinyl editions of timeless tunes previously only available on CD since the 1990s! And guess what's on the lineup for the second release? None other than Tetsuya Takahashi's iconic third single 'China Cafe,' making its analog debut!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Night Club
  • 2 China Cafe
  • 3 Saikou no Egao
  • 4 Night Flight