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Blues Shout

Pure Pleasure


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  • The arrangements for Sigi, Autumn leaves & Two Moods are by Leo Wright. All other arrangements are by Gigi Gryce
  • Recording: August 1960 by Tom Dowd & Phil Iehle


Leo Wright’s Atlantic debut, “Blues Shout”, effectively summarizes his career as a sideman, embracing the expressionist sensibilities of longtime boss Dizzy Gillespie as well as the Latin inspirations of longtime bandmate Lalo Schifrin to create a fiercely modern and uncommonly impassioned sound all its own.

Joined by pianist Junior Mance, trumpeter Richard Williams, bassist Art Davis, and drummer Charlie Persip, Wright divides his attention between his signature alto sax and flute, delivering a series of thoughtful and lyrical solos that positively radiate energy. The blues referenced in the title are more a feeling than a sound, underscoring the emotional intensity that bristles below the surface of every note.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Sigi
  • 2 Angel Eyes
  • 3 Autumn Leaves
  • 4 Indian Summer
  • 5 Blues Shout
  • 6 Night In Tunisia
  • 7 The Wind
  • 8 Two Moods