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Hardy’s Jet Band / Orchestra Klaus Wuesthoff / Jan Troysen Band / Orchestra Gary Pacific

Blue Butterfly (Selected Sound)

Be With Records


LP Black $39
  • Pressed on black 140g vinyl
  • Mastered for vinyl with audio from the original tapes
  • Packaged in a reproduction of the original and iconic glossy metallic Selected Sound sleeve


Behold! Yes, Blue Butterfly, one of the absolute stunners on the revered Selected Sound, is finally available for all the beat-heads. Heavyweight library funk with a psychedelic touch, the super in-demand Blue Butterfly from deep breath Hardy’s Jet Band, Orchestra Klaus Wuesthoff, Jan Troysen Band and Orchestra Gary Pacific – was originally released in 1971. Incredibly ahead of its time, it’s been rare and sought-after for decades.

For many aficionados, this is the best Selected Sound release. Loaded with fuzzy wah-wah guitar, deep flute-lines atop soulful psych-rock breakbeats and huge organ action, its uncompromising funk will blow you away. Sampled for many hip hop beats and dropped by well known rare groove DJs around the world, one jewel in particular from this glorious German vault needs little introduction. The intro to Orchestra Gary Pacific’s mesmeric “Soft Wind” rides the illest, crispest drum break you’ve perhaps never heard – like, the drum break to end them all – alongside a smooth, deep bass line from the heavens. It featured notoriously on the beloved Dusty Fingers comps of the 90s and was brilliantly sampled by Pacewon for his eternal “Sunroof Top”. Just listen and be dazzled.

Beyond this mini-masterpiece, the other killer tracks offer brilliance in abundance. Hardy’s Jet Band take control of the full A side, and it’s full of dynamic psych-funk bombs. Hard, “big city” industrial groovers. In particular, the initial one-two of “Sorry, Doc!” and “Wind It Up” provide thrilling funky-blues rock instrumentals showcasing relentless guitars, flutes, sax and organ, the latter containing gorgeous, hypnotic breakdowns; these tracks just slay. The title track, “Blue Butterfly” is a real deep strut of a track with fantastic soloing from guitar and flute over crisp drums whilst the highway banger “What You Call To Be Free” certainly sounds a lot like unbridled, rhythmical liberty.

On the flip, the ghost-riding “Lady In Space” is a string-drenched acid-western foxtrot. Yep. “Pop Happening” by Jan Troysen Band is a heavy, druggy psych-fuzz organ groover whilst their slow beat-organ-flute gem “A Blue Message” is a gorgeous psych floater conjuring deeply strange frontier lands. Preceding their monster “Soft Wind”, the soulful, uptempo groover “Ghetto Gap” by Orchestra Gary Pacific contains solo piano and flute whilst closing out the set is the free-and-easy samba beat of “So Far”.

Founded in the late 60s by German composer and musician Klaus Netzle (who recorded under the alias Claude Larson for Sonoton) Selected Sound began as a production music company specialising in jazz, orchestral and electronic recordings. You can’t miss those early LPs in their iconic glossy metallic copper sleeves with minimal German typography. Serious, classy stuff.

The audio for Blue Butterfly has been remastered for vinyl by Be With regular Simon Francis whilst Richard Robinson has handled reproducing the glossy metallic (iconic) original Selected Sound sleeve. Essential.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Hardy's Jet Band – Sorry, Doc!
  • 2 Hardy's Jet Band – Wind It Up
  • 3 Hardy's Jet Band – Safari Track
  • 4 Hardy's Jet Band – Look At Me
  • 5 Hardy's Jet Band – Blue Butterfly
  • 6 Hardy's Jet Band – What You Call To Be Free
  • 7 Orchestra Klaus Wuesthoff – Lady In Space
  • 8 Orchestra Klaus Wuesthoff – Big Beat
  • 9 Jan Troysen Band – A Blue Message
  • 10 Jan Troysen Band – Pop Happening
  • 11 Orchestra Gary Pacific – Ghetto Gap
  • 12 Orchestra Gary Pacific – Soft Wind
  • 13 Orchestra Gary Pacific – So Far