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Shiro Sagisu

BLEACH Original Soundtrack (LITA EXCLUSIVE)



2LP Clear $15 $38
  • LITA EXCLUSIVE: Double 140g translucent clear vinyl
  • Includes an insert that features images from the show
  • Comes with liner notes from composer Shiro SAGISU


BLEACH (Original Soundtrack) highlights music from the BLEACH anime TV show and films, adaptations to one of the best-selling manga titles of all time, and a much- beloved anime franchise. This release is the only official vinyl product to be released outside of Asia and comprises music from the iconic first two seasons of the TV series.

Featuring the BLEACH main theme “Number One”, the vinyl also contains other musical highlights from the show by Japanese superstar composer Shiro SAGISU, who has also scored such prestigious projects as Shin Godzilla and the full EVANGELION series.

The Light in the Attic exclusive variant vinyl is pressed on two 140g translucent clear vinyl in a double-sided gatefold. Also included is an insert that features images from the show and liner notes from composer Shiro SAGISU.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 on the precipice of defeat
  • 2 raw breath of danger
  • 3 enemy unseen
  • 4 will of the heart
  • 5 heat of the battle
  • 6 blaze of the soul reaper
  • 7 never meant to belong
  • 8 Number One (Vocal Version)
  • 9 Nothing Can Be Explained (Vocal Version)
  • 10 burden of the past
  • 11 catch-22
  • 12 storm center
  • 13 requiem for the lost ones
  • 14 going home
  • 15 choked
  • 16 on the verge of insanity
  • 17 confrontation
  • 18 a requiem
  • 19 citadel of the bount
  • 20 diago 45 degrees tango
  • 21 ominous premonition
  • 22 phenomena
  • 23 here to stay
  • 24 The Calling
  • 25 Shadow's Masquerade
  • 26 whisper of the apocalypse
  • 27 back to the wall
  • 28 rage of lunacy
  • 29 torn apart
  • 30 swan song