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Paul Jackson

Black Octopus (LITA EXCLUSIVE)
LP Black $15 $22
LP Clear $25
  • Rare Jazz-Funk album from 1978 by Headhunters founding bassist
  • Featuring an all-star line-up including Herbie Hancock
  • Originally released in 1978 on Tobisha EMI Japan
  • First vinyl reissue outside of Japan released in collab w/Totown Records Executive Producer, Malcolm W. Adams
  • Comes with double side insert
  • 180g CLEAR vinyl limited to 100 copies (LITA Exclusive)
  • 180g BLACK vinyl limited to 500 copies (w/obi strip)


Paul Jackson (born in Oakland, California in 1947) needs little introduction. Paul began playing bass at the age of nine and was considered by many of his teachers to be a musical prodigy. Jackson was known as a “Musician’s Musician” and shaped a sound that launched a new direction in contemporary music: the so-called ‘Pulse Playing’, a trademark sound of close-meshed funk grooves combined with sensational rhythms. With this innovative approach, he influenced entire generations of jazz and funk musicians to come. Paul’s compositions were sampled by big acts from the likes of Prince, TLC, Mobb Deep and NWA…just to name a few.

Paul Jackson was a founding member of the Headhunters under Herbie Hancock (THE group responsible for their ground-breaking fusion and jazz-funk compositions that took the world by storm in the 70’s). The solid union between Hancock and Jackson has been especially evident in the many international tours they have made together…not to mention that he participated on most of the Headhunters albums and Herbie’s solo albums.

Paul has also worked as a producer and as a studio/live musician alongside acts such as Santana, Sonny Rollins and The Pointer Sisters. He was a frequent guest performer at renowned international festivals such as the Montreux and Newport events. Jackson’s composing has not gone without recognition and was nominated for Grammy Awards in 1974, 1975 and 1976. Like other highly talented, creatively motivated engineers of music, Paul has expanded his career to other mediums such as playing on blockbuster movie soundtracks such as “Death wish” and “Dirty Harry”.

Paul Jackson also wrote five solo albums worth listening to – including the monster of an album that is known as “Black Octopus” which is considered to be a kind of lost Headhunters album.

His debut album “Black Octopus” saw the light of day in 1978 and is a total piece of art filled with abstract sticky funky grooves, floating electric piano playing, strong thumping bass lines, raw heavy drums and amazing vocal acrobatics (Jackson himself takes vocals in 3 out of 5 songs, and his soulful singing voice strikes an emotional chord that does not go unnoticed).

On “Black Octopus” you’ll also find some of the best all-star musicians from the likes of Alphonse Mouzon (Roy Ayers, Betty Davis, Azar Lawrence)…and last but not least fellow Headhunters Bennie Maupin and Herbie Hancock himself.

With “Black Octopus” Paul Jackson wrote the book on how a jazz-funk-fusion album should sound like. The fact that the album was only distributed in Japan at the time (Jackson resided in Tokyo since the late 70’s, where he passed away in 2021) continues to increase its reputation as an album that is VERY hard to find. This is a must-have gem…not only for fans of jazz, funk and rare grooves, but also for DJs and collectors around the globe.

Tidal Waves Music in collaboration with Totown Records now proudly presents the first ever official reissue outside of Japan of this fantastic Jazz-Funk masterpiece (originally released in 1978 on Eastworld/Toshiba EMI). This rare record (original copies tend to go for large amounts on the secondary market) is now finally back available as a limited 180g vinyl edition (limited to 500 copies) complete with the original artwork and obi strip. Also included is a double-sided insert containing rare pictures of the band.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Black Octopus Part 1 - Many Directions
  • 2 Black Octopus Part 2 - Eight Ways of Love
  • 3 Funk Times Three
  • 4 Burning in the Heat (of Your Love)
  • 5 Tiptoe Thru the Ghetto