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Yumi Tanimura

Believe In



LP Black $50
  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Yumi Tanimura's 1987 debut album
  • Newly remastered


Singer-songwriter Yumi Tanimura’s first album “Believe In” will be reissued on LP. The LP "Believe In (2024 Cutting)" is a new cut in 2024 from the original master and will be released in the domestic press. It is a new cutting/newly remastered sound source that delves deeply into the original sound source of 1987 and evokes new emotions, and we hope that those who have listened to it so far will enjoy it to their heart's content again.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 I'm Ready To Love
  • 2 未完成
  • 3 Not For Sale
  • 4 星のダンスを見においで
  • 5 ためいき色のタペストリー
  • 6 Birthday
  • 7 Bye Bye Black Jack
  • 8 恋待月夜
  • 9 Gentle Rain
  • 10 Melody