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Antoni Maiovvi

Before & After the Bomb

Scare Flair Records


LP Yellow $25
  • Available for the first time on any physical format
  • Available on 180 Gram Yellowcake Vinyl
  • Limited to 300 Copies
  • Brand New Artwork from Brad Mrock
  • Mastered for Vinyl


Scare Flair is excited to finally unleash the Antoni Maiovvi’s Original Soundtrack to Before & After the Bomb on vinyl for the first time. Maiovvi’s unflinching homage to horror cinema sounds completely at home on the format and has become quite popular with his fans since its release in 2020.

Antoni Maiovvi’s Before & After The Bomb is a love letter dedicated to 25 years of fascination with all things Horror. Taking influence from heroes such as Fabio Frizzi, Riz Ortolani, John Carpenter, and Claudio Simonetti whilst simultaneously taking cues from the bizarre and wild films of early Peter Jackson, Bruno Mattei, and Sam Raimi, Before & After the Bomb twists and turns between action set pieces, genuine tenderness, and unabashed ridiculousness.

Antoni Maiovvi is known for composing the scores for the films Abdullah, Mutant Blast, Yellow, and District Nurse. He is also known for his collaboration with Umberto for the Hook & Pull Gang recording, in which they did a complete rescore of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Laboratory
  • 2 This Celebration Really Went Wrong
  • 3 What Is Your Name?
  • 4 Safe Haven
  • 5 Medieval World
  • 6 Before & After the Bomb
  • 7 The Circle
  • 8 More Quiet Time
  • 9 First Fight
  • 10 Monster, Friend?
  • 11 Zombie Beach
  • 12 The Confrontation
  • 13 The Death of a Friend & Ally
  • 14 At Sunset
  • 15 End Credits