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Basie At Birdland

Pure Pleasure

PPAN R152065

2LP Black $50

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  • Jaw-dropping live recording of Basie’s band in 1961
  • 180 gram LPx2 each in standard sleeve
  • Re-mastering by Ray Staff at Air Mastering, Lyndhurst Hall, London


‘Basie at Birdland’ is a 1961 live album featuring Count Basie and his famed orchestra playing at Birdland in New York City. Recorded on June 27-28th of 1961, and released just one month later in July of that year, ‘Basie at Birdland’ proved once again that Count Basie was one of the world’s best players, band leaders, and flag bearers of Jazz. Birdland, the self-proclaimed, ‘Jazz Corner of the World’ provides a raucous, lively backdrop to the band’s soulful Kansas City style Jazz, on tunes like, ‘Blue Backstage’, and ‘Good Time Blues’ alongside their harder hitting, big band bop. ‘Basie at Birdland’ features the Count at the height of his prowess, and he and his band’s fervent, swinging performance cannot be missed – it’s perfect for novices and aficionados alike.

This is a jaw-dropping recording of Basie’s band in 1961. The band is so tight and swings so hard it sounds at times as if one is listening to a Wurlitzer organ. There simply was no band that swung as hard as Basie’s – at least not as recorded on this live date. Amazing.

Simply the best live recording of a big band ever!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Little Pony
  • 2 Discommotion
  • 3 Blues Backstage
  • 4 Blee Blop Blues
  • 5 Whirly Bird
  • 6 One O'Clock Jump
  • 7 Segue In "C"
  • 8 Good Time Blues
  • 9 One O'Clock Jump
  • 10 Easin' It
  • 11 A Little Tempo, Please
  • 12 Corner Pocket
  • 13 I Needs To
  • 14 Be Bee'd With
  • 15 Discommotion
  • 16 Segue In C (Alternate Take)
  • 17 Whirly-Bird
  • 18 One O'Clock Jump (Theme)