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Akira Ishikawa

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Nippon Columbia


LP Black $59
LP Clear Yellow $46
  • Pressed on Clear Yellow Vinyl
  • Originally released in 1975
  • Japanese Rare Groove


Japanese jazz, a rare groove masterpiece, is now re-released on clear lime yellow color vinyl! Immerse yourself in the pleasure of feeling numb all over your body with a single drum beat as Akira Ishikawa, the super funky drummer born in Japan, takes you on a journey through a wonderland of grooves!

Akira Ishikawa is renowned as a super funky drummer in Japan, earning praise for his ability to freely explore and blend jazz, rock, and African music into a unique musicality. Throughout his career, which spans from jazz rock to rare groove, this particular work stands out for its exceptional song selection and exhilarating musicality. "Let's Start" delivers a tight cover of Fela Kuti's Afro-funk, "Bongo Rock" presents a dynamic song with drum breaks, and "Pick Up The Pieces" offers a jazz-funk rendition of the classic song by the Average White Band. The album is packed with amazing monster tunes that are hard to believe were recorded in 1975. The support from masters such as Kiyoshi Sugimoto, Hiromasa Suzuki, and Takeru Muraoka also shines brightly. Text by Yusuke Ogawa (universounds/Deep Jazz Reality)

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 I've Got To Use My Imagination
  • 2 Bongo Rock
  • 3 Do It Til You're Satisfied
  • 4 Hey Jude
  • 5 El Condor Pasa
  • 6 Pick Up The Pieces
  • 7 Love Is The Answer
  • 8 I Shot The Sheriff
  • 9 Let's Start
  • 10 Boogie On Raggae Woman