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Roel A. Garcia & Frankie Chan Fan-kei

Ashes Of Time Redux (Jettone 30th Anniversary Edition)

Analog Dept.


LP Black $18 $87
  • 2021 Abbey Road Remaster
  • 33 1/3 rpm , 180g LP, made in EU
  • Abbey Road Remastered
  • Celebrate Jettone 30th Anniversary
  • Different LP cover, inlay songbook and poster


Original soundtrack to the 1994 motion picture. Ashes of Time is a Hong Kong film written and directed by Wong Kar-wai, and loosely based on four characters from Jin Yong’s novel The Legend of the Condor Heroes. Wong completely eschews any plot adaptation from the novel, using only the names to create his own vision of an arguably unrelated film. During the film’s long-delayed production, Wong produced a parody of the same novel with the same cast titled The Eagle Shooting Heroes. Although it received limited box office success, the parallels Ashes of Time drew between modern ideas of dystopia imposed on a wuxia film has led many critics to cite it as one of Wong Kar-wai’s most under-appreciated works. Due to the original prints being lost Wong re-edited and re-scored the film in 2008 for future theater, DVD and Blu-ray releases under the title Ashes of Time Redux. The film was reduced from 100 to 93 minutes.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Ashes Of Time 東邪西毒
  • 2 Love Theme (醉生夢死)
  • 3 Chunga's Revenge
  • 4 Dream (夢)
  • 5 Peach Blossom (桃花)
  • 6 The Flag Is Still (旗未動)
  • 7 Day Of Misfortune (破日)
  • 8 Killer Formation.. Pt. I (殺陣一)
  • 9 Killer Formation.. Pt. I (殺陣二)
  • 10 Jingzhe (驚蟄)
  • 11 Expectation (痴)
  • 12 Tangle (糾結)
  • 13 Day Of Danger (危日)
  • 14 The Killers Career Wu Tong Version (殺手生涯吳彤版)
  • 15 Born Under A Total Eclipse (孤星入命)
  • 16 The Flag Is Still Full Version (旗未動完整版)