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LP Red $38

SHIPS BY 2024-04-26

  • Vinyl Soundtrack on Maraschino Red vinyl
  • Featuring music from the acclaimed Seasons 7 thru 9 of Archer
  • Includes Music by J.G. Thirlwell
  • Album Art by Kevin Wilson


Archer is more than just a spoof; it’s brilliant satire. The long-running animated series has a blend of influences, reaching beyond the initial spy fiction pastiche into unexpected genres and settings. From island-hopping mystery-solving to noir send-ups that would make Sam Spade blush, Archer is defined by its refusal to be defined, across 13 imaginative seasons.

How has the show made that setting-jumping work so well? Strong, well-defined characters, excellently-written comic hijinks, and immediately recognizable aesthetics — including killer music, of course. 

iam8bit is happy to present here, the Archer Vinyl Soundtrack. It features selections from Floyd County Productions’ acclaimed FX series Archer’s seventh, eighth, and ninth seasons each spanning a unique era-traversing locale. It’s the perfect playground for acclaimed composer J.G. Thirlwell, as he deftly dances and dodges through genres, motifs, and musical conventions so skillfully, that the music often outshines the original works it’s paying homage to.

Longtime iam8bit friend, artist Kevin Wilson, crafted the album art, channeling the show’s instantly recognizable style into a package worthy of any fan’s record shelf (or, maybe more appropriately, above their minibar). It’s a must-have for any wannabe superspy.

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