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LP Black $47
  • Must-have carefully-crafted Japanese Ambient, Ethereal, Avant-garde from 1985


Aragon’s 85-year-old work formed by top studio musicians such as Tsuyoshi Ima and Tatsuo Hayashi recurs from the “JAPANISM” series! The ethno and ambient style, which is also familiar to Mariah’s “Utakata no Hida”, has been highly evaluated overseas, and has become one that is out of reach from analog fans due to the rarity in the used record market. The dreamy and decadent soundmaking carefully crafted by brilliant musicians in the FUSION / POPS scene over the course of one year and ten months fits in today’s era, unlike anything that was made 30 years ago.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Ieji
  • 2 Horridula
  • 3 Ayatori
  • 4 Atatabitata
  • 5 Teami No Onpu
  • 6 Rikisha
  • 7 Kakashi
  • 8 Polaris