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Yoko Ichikawa

All for You
LP Black $49
  • First time ever on vinyl!
  • Originally released in 1993
  • Featuring songs composed by City Pop legend, Tetsuji Hayashi


During the transition period from CITY POP to J-POP, the many of the masterpieces buried in the gaps were never pressed on vinyl. Today, we are pleased to announce that these fantastic albums are finally being reissued in analog format! “All for You” not only features the talented Kochinka and Tetsuji Hayashi, but also a slew of remarkable participating musicians including Gt Masaki Matsubara/Yuji Toriyama, Bass Chiharu Mikuzuki/Hideki Matsubara, and Dr Nobuo Eguchi/Takashi Numazawa. A good girl pop album with absolutely no throwaway songs!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Sayonara September
  • 2 Funsui
  • 3 Sayonara wa Ame ni Kiete
  • 4 Typhoon ni Onegai
  • 5 Yume no Yakusoku
  • 6 Sugu Me ni Deru I LOVE YOU