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Martin Denny

LP Orange $27
  • Flame Orange Color Vinyl
  • First Time Reissued on Jackpot Records
  • 9/10 – All Music Guide


Traveling beyond the tropical waters of the South Pacific, Afro-Desia showcases Martin Denny’s foremost foray into the sounds and rhythms of the African continent. Pressed on flame-orange color vinyl, Afro-Desia’s twelve tracks burn bright and bring the groove with a chorus of marimbas, timbales, congas, and the sounds of the safari itself.

Featuring eclectic and atmospheric tracks like “Simba”, “Aku Aku”, and “Jungle Drums”, this record, originally released in 1959, marks the end of Martin Denny’s ’50s experimentalism before his move into more conventional cocktail jazz. Celebrate the final chapter of the original exotica craze with your own copy of Jackpot Records’ limited edition color vinyl reissue of Afro-Desia.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Tsetse Fly
  • 2 Ma'Chumba
  • 3 Baia
  • 4 Swamp Fire
  • 5 Temptation Simba
  • 6 Jungle Drums Cubano Chant
  • 7 Mumba
  • 8 Aku Aku
  • 9 Raftero
  • 10 Siboney