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Various Artists

VGM Essentials: Halloween

Firaga Records


LP Orange $30
  • 1xLP 180g Transparent Orange Vinyl
  • Art by Ginkgo
  • Design and layout by Isa Alcántara


"VGM Essentials: Halloween" is a thrilling EDM album that combines the electronic beats of gaming with the eerie spirit of Halloween. Featuring 10 spooky remixes from games such as DOOM, Cult of the Lamb, Pokémon, Sonic, Zelda, and more.


Featuring artists like RoboRob, floopy, BLOOD CODE, Flexstyle, and SARE from the Firaga Records label, alongside newcomers Matrace, boshii, Theology, and The Icarus Kid, this album delivers a diverse and haunting collection making it the essential Halloween EDM soundtrack for both gamers and dance enthusiasts.