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Cynthia Schloss

Ready And Waiting

Groove Diggers


LP Black $49
  • Reissued for the first time
  • Limited edition LP
  • Japanese OBI-strip


How Cynthia Schloss’ debut album “Ready And Waiting” ended up as part of the infamous tax-scam label TSG Records’ catalogue is – characteristically of the label – mysterious and unknown. Originally released on Merritone Records in 1976, its rich reggae sound is a celebration of life and love, and the Jamaican singer’s syncopated grooves stand apart from familiar TSG funk and soul territory – though both find space to breathe inside the mix of this expansive album. Nevertheless, a year later the album found itself with a new sleeve and identity under the distinct TSG colour and logo. P-VINE is thrilled to be reissuing “Ready and Waiting” as a limited edition LP for the first time in the world with an iconic Japanese obi strip attached.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Red Rose
  • 2 There's A Fire
  • 3 Winstona B
  • 4 Guava Jelly
  • 5 Rhythm Of The Blues
  • 6 Love Forever
  • 7 Nightfall
  • 8 I Won't Cry
  • 9 Hurry To Me
  • 10 Words Are Impossible