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Joe Pass 

Behind Better Days



LP Black $38
  • Originally bonus tracks of the reissue CD from P-VINE released in 2002
  • Outtake sessions in recording of "Better Days" in 1971
  • First time on vinyl


"Better Days" was recorded in 1971 by renowned jazz guitarist Joe Pass with a group of talented West Coast musicians, and was highly acclaimed by listeners of jazz guitar, acid jazz, and soul. There is a rare studio session recorded at the same time with Carol Kaye on bass and Paul Humphrey on drums, who also participated in "Better Days."

For Joe Pass, whose guitar playing is sharp and incisive, the simplicity of a trio was the perfect way for him to express his skills and talent as a guitarist. These sessions were previously only included as bonus tracks on P-VINE's CD release "Better Days," but this is the first time they have been released on VINYL!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 The Preacher [Horace Silver]
  • 2 Bass Blues [Carol Kaye & Joe Pass]
  • 3 Flying Down to Baja [Carol Kaye]
  • 4 My Bonnie [Traditional]
  • 5 Love Is [Carol Kaye]
  • 6 In the City [Carol Kaye]
  • 7 Slick Cat [Paul Humphrey]
  • 8 Better Days (Alternate Take) [J. J. Johnson]