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Aleksandria Migova

V Rising (Original Game Soundtrack)

Kid Katana Records


2LP Red $55

SHIPS BY 2024-08-27

  • A high-end double LP gatefold including a stunning hot foil effect on the front red and a large plain format visual
  • 2x 12-inch marbled black and transparent red vinyls
  • An exclusive poster with game iconic visuals and a line note from composer Aleksandria Migova


V Rising is a critically acclaimed RPG survival game in a dark fantasy vampire world, with a huge community of more than 4 million players. Its orchestral soundtrack, composed by Aleksandria Migova, is infused by baroque music with contemporary and neoclassical touches, totally in line with the game’s gothic vibes. Melodies and voice textures put you in the mood of a vampire seeking for blood and conquering land, taking video game music experience to a new level.

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Main Theme
  • 2 The Castle
  • 3 Clash of Faiths
  • 4 Darkness and Light
  • 5 Dawn Comes
  • 6 Farbane Nights
  • 7 Song of Dunley
  • 8 Moonlight in the Countryside
  • 9 Dystopian Sonata
  • 10 Whispers of the Wasteland
  • 11 Tales from the Cursed Forest
  • 12 We Hunt
  • 13 Hallowed Mountains
  • 14 Kiss of Frost
  • 15 Beneath Shrouded Skies
  • 16 Dracula's Theme