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Roland P. Young

Spontaneous Bounce

Em Records


LP Black $27
  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Features 13 new pieces
  • Draws on elements of ambient, jazz, soul, new age and electronic music


EM Records celebrates Roland P. Young’s 80th adventurous year on the planet with “Spontaneous Bounce”, the sixth RPY solo release on the label. After a musical youth in Kansas City followed by audio activities in San Francisco and New York and elsewhere, he began releasing self-produced solo music in 1980 with “Isophonic Boogie Woogie”, the title of which hints at the forward-thinking yet earthy nature of his sound, a soulful and spiritual multi-world avant-music, drawing on elements of ambient, jazz, soul, new age and electronic music. His ‘Isophonic Music’ concept crystallizes these elements through a comprovisational use of soprano sax, keyboards, drum machines and the possibilities of the recording studio. This release features 13 new pieces, a diverse array of appealing and joyful celebrations of music and life. Come and join the celebration!

Preview Tracklist

  • 1 Push
  • 2 You
  • 3 Wavetables
  • 4 Upstairs
  • 5 Counter Top
  • 6 Generative
  • 7 Vastness
  • 8 Voice
  • 9 There
  • 10 DFAM
  • 11 Cross Juncture
  • 12 Chances
  • 13 Drapes