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LIGHT IN THE ATTIC presents the genius of THE FREE DESIGN! To this day, THE FREE DESIGN remain one of the true masters of all things soft-pop-psych! Hailing from New York, THE FREE DESIGN were a late ’60s/early ’70s family pop group, releasing seven brilliant albums and influencing countless musicians (Beck, Belle & Sebastian, Cornelius, Stereolab…). Fans of The Beach Boys and The Association take note…

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  • Sing For Very Important People

    The Free Design

    Sing For Very Important People

    LITA 013

    The Free Design make childhood a bit more psychedelic with this 1970’s children’s album, featuring many of the group’s classic favorites, plus a number of new cuts!

  • One By One

    The Free Design

    One By One

    LITA 014

    The Free Design return to their roots as a trio, and get bit by the Motown bug, with brilliant funk riffs and lush string arrangements.

  • There Is A Song

    The Free Design

    There Is A Song

    LITA 015

    The Free Design’s beautiful ultra-rare final album, recorded in 1972 on the small New York label Ambrotype.

  • Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love

    The Free Design


    LITA 007

    Originally released in 1970 on Enoch Light’s Project 3 label, Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love served as The Free Design’s turning point: mixing the group’s timeless elements of soft-psych with a dose of funk! In the words of Free Design historian Robbie Baldock, “Stars is where The Free Design gets funky”!

  • You Could Be Born Again

    The Free Design

    You Could Be Born Again

    LITA 006

    After hitting the charts with their 1967 debut Kites Are Fun, You Could be Born Again is the sound of a band discovering what they are capable of, amid the excitement of what is to come

  • Heaven/Earth

    The Free Design


    LITA 005

    Listen to The Free Design’s acclaimed third album, Heaven/Earth, to experience a sound that has awed the in-the-know for more than three decades. The New York-based family band – siblings Bruce, Chris, Sandy & younger sister Ellen – recorded Heaven/Earth in 1969 for acclaimed producer Enoch Light’s Project 3 label. The album is quintessential Free Design with “a sweet sound that caressed the aural taste buds and floated deliciously,” in the words of rock historian Kingsley Abbott, “daring listeners to follow it.” Chris Dedrick’s imaginative lyrics of both innocence and irony, and the band’s tight vocals and dreamy enthusiasm, shine on “2002 – A Hit Song,” “Dorian Benediction,” and the album’s other delights.

  • Kites Are Fun

    The Free Design

    Kites Are Fun

    LITA 004

    Fans of the Beach Boys, the 5th Dimension and other seminal pop artists have a gaping hole in their music collections if it doesn’t contain Kites Are Fun, the 1967 soft-psych-pop masterpiece from The Free Design.

  • The Now Sound Redesigned

    The Free Design

    The Now Sound Redesigned

    LITA 016

    Now on CD for the first time, The Free Design: The Now Sound Redesigned, includes every track from the 12" vinyl series housed in a beautiful gatefold digipak. It’s a celebration of all things Dedrick mixed with the sound of now.

  • The Free Design Redesigned Volume 1

    The Free Design

    The Free Design Redesigned Volume 1

    -LITA 12-003

    In the ‘60s, The Free Design played perfect pop. Today, to celebrate the reissue of the sweet sounding band’s acclaimed catalog, Light In The Attic along with several contemporary tunesmiths aim to improve upon perfection with The Free Design Redesigned remix series.

  • The Free Design Redesigned: Volume 2

    The Free Design

    The Free Design Redesigned: Volume 2

    -LITA 12-004

    The Free Design Redesigned series continues with a brand-new batch of modern artists reworking five classic tunes by ’60s soft-psych masters The Free Design.

  • The Free Design Redesigned: Volume 3

    The Free Design

    The Free Design Redesigned: Volume 3

    -LITA 12-005

    Proving that the musical universe is indeed cyclical, the third and final installment of The Free Design Redesigned series comes to a full-circle with another assortment of contemporary notables up for the challenge of reinterpreting selections from The Free Design’s staggering catalog (available on CD and LP from Light In The Attic).

  • Kites Are Fun Cassette

    The Free Design

    Kites Are Fun Cassette


    Everyone knows Burger Records loves cassettes. Heck, they practically made their name in that game! You know who else loves cassettes? Why, Light In The Attic, that’s who!