Karen Dalton
In My Own Time
A beautiful, thoughtful record that has both folk and jazz elements. Perfect for making breakfast to on a Saturday morning.
- Willa
Jim Sullivan
This is probably my favorite record of all time. It features the unbelievably talented Wrecking Crew, backing Jim Sullivan, and the album is shrouded in mysterious disappearance that, to this day, remains unsolved. I'm certain that this album was used to signal aliens to come take Jim Sullivan back to his home planet.
- Daniel
The City
Now That Everything's Been Said
So many catchy folky, jazzy gems on Carole King's first record. It transports me to Topanga Canyon circa 1967. Not a bad place to be if you ask me?
- Stephanie
Luzmila Carpio
Yuyay Jap’ina Tapes
Luzmila sings in her native Quechua language and hits bird-like notes that put even Kate Bush and Joanna Newsom to shame.
- Katie
Winter / Summer
Previously unreleased lost classic. Sooooo damn good.
- Matt
The Microcosm: Visionary Music of Continental Europe, 1970-1986
How can you top Volume One?! The Perfect soundtrack to laying on a cold floor while staring at the ceiling.
- Brad
Lagniappe Sessions, Volume 1
Rad comp of contemporary artists and bands covering their favorite songs. Kevin Morby's version of the Germ's "Caught In My Eye" rules!
- Jack
Gigi Masin & Charles Hayward
Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Volume 2
Quietly transportive, atmospheric soundscapes. As soothing as a cool hand (Gigi) on your forehead after a fever dream (Charles). Listen to while drinking a glass of water, staring out the window. Self care in ambient form.
- Katie