Noel Ellis
Noel Ellis
Hail Selassie! Don't miss this early LITA jam.
- Josh
Jim Sullivan
This is probably my favorite record of all time. It features the unbelievably talented Wrecking Crew, backing Jim Sullivan, and the album is shrouded in mysterious disappearance that, to this day, remains unsolved. I'm certain that this album was used to signal aliens to come take Jim Sullivan back to his home planet.
- Daniel
Johnnie Frierson
Have You Been Good To Yourself
Stripped down and earnest gem of a record. Listen to “Miracles” if you want to smile.
- Emilee
Winter / Summer
Previously unreleased lost classic. Sooooo damn good.
- Matt
The Microcosm: Visionary Music of Continental Europe, 1970-1986
How can you top Volume One?! The Perfect soundtrack to laying on a cold floor while staring at the ceiling.
- Brad
Lagniappe Sessions, Volume 1
Rad comp of contemporary artists and bands covering their favorite songs. Kevin Morby's version of the Germ's "Caught In My Eye" rules!
- Jack
Robb Kunkel
This is a cool record! It sounds very spontaneous, but also grandiose and ambitious. It's tonally disparate but also somehow cohesive. Personal, but political. Somewhere in between Oar and Blows Against the Empire, with some After the Gold Rush-style arrangement and a little Sweetheart of the Rodeo too. Less about the Abyss itself than about how bewildering it can be to stare into it.
- Jordan
Zuider Zee
Being obsessed with a power-pop album is out of character for me, but this album rules. It's just good, any way you swing it. I think I've listened to "Miami" 27 times.
- Emily K