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  • Free Basin' Fridays - Light In The Attic Family Tee!

    Summer is here and what better way to beat the heat than a swanky new Light In The Attic family tee?!?! Yup, now whether you're at a Sunday BBQ, beach bummin' it or crate digging at the flea market you know you always have your family with you! Sharing the same Drew Christie illustration as the latest Light In The Attic Zine (#4), the shirt features Lee Hazlewood, Gabor Szabo, Karen Dalton, Rodriguez, Serge Gainsbourg, Jane Birkin, Shin Joong Hyun, Wendy Rene, T.L. Barrett, Eddie Spencer, The Monks, Kearny Barton, Wayne McGhie, Pat Wright, Lou Bond, Kevin "Sipreano" Howes, Noel Ellis, Jackie Mittoo, Overton Barry, Calvin Law, Robbie Hill, Betty Davis, Doug Randle, Michael Chapman, The Free Design, Charles "Packy" Axton, Stephen John Kalinich, Lloyd Delpratt, Michael Hurley, Donnie & Joe Emerson, The Vagrants, Jim Sullivan, Jim Ford, The Louvin Brothers and Kris Kristofferson! It's a gaggle of godly geniuses! Read more
  • In Case You Missed It! Vagrants on NPR's Fresh Air!

    Last week, the Vagrants I Can't Make A Friend 1965 - 1968 got a great feature (by Ed Ward) on NPR's Fresh Air. In case you missed it, here's a link to the full article with an archived stream. Read more
  • Al Milman (Alan Milman Sect) talks Vagrants and "The Long Island Sound" with LITA!

    Alan Milman is a NYC transplant living in Seattle where he used to co-own (with Moshe Weinberg) the much missed record store Bedazzled Discs.  It was there that Light In The Attic's Matt Sullivan (then an employee of Al's) first heard about the Vagrants (and a ton of other records). It was then that Al first planted the seed in Matt's head for doing a comp of the Vagrants forwrad 10 years, and here we are. Just yesterday Vagrants I Can't Make A Friend 1965 - 1968 finally hit the streets. This week Al was kind enough to tell us a bit about growing up in NYC / Long Island during the time of the Vagrants and about his own place in NY's punk history. Read more
  • Vagrants - I Can't Make A Friend 1965 - 1968 NOW AVAILABLE!

    It's finally here! Litterally, it's been 10 years since Light In The Attic's man-with-the-plan Matt Sullivan was working at Al Milman's record shop, Bedazzled, in Seattle when Al spoke of the need for a Vagrants comp. Vagrants I Can't Make A Friend 1965 - 1968 collects the band's singles for various labels like Southern Sound, Vanguard, and ATCO, all on CD, LP (180-gram wax and gatefold "tip-on" sleeve), Digital and fully re-mastered. Rounding out this essential release is a collection of rare/unseen photos, liner notes by Mike Stax (Ugly Things), and an archive interview with Johnny Ramone speaking about the Vagrants' influence on The Ramones. Read more
  • Vagrants Make the Scene at United Record Pressing!

    Some of you maybe saw this on our Facebook page, but for those of you who don't follow us there (why, I'm not sure...) then here are some cool photos of the Vagrants - I Can't Make A Friend 1965 - 1968 (LITA 059) LP being pressed at United Record Pressing in Nashville, TN. All Light In The Attic releases (specifically vinyl) make their way over to United Record Pressing to be birthed into the world.  It's a crazy process that involves a lot of weird and magical machines that somehow, through the talents of their gifted staff, imprint little musical slices of heaven onto circular shaped wax. Ain't life a mystery??? Read more
  • Get Ready To Make A New Friend! Vagrants PRE-ORDER Now Available!

    Here ya go, kids: Vagrants - I Can't Make A Friend 1965 - 1968! This is Light In The Attic's first release of 2011 and it's ready to get in your face and scream "buy me a drink!". We've been talking about this for some time (and working on it for even longer!) and the release date (January 25) is so close but we couldn't resist announcing it. Read more