Fikret Kizilok


Release Notes
  • Remastered sound, insert with liner notes and pictures.
What if Bob Dylan was also a dentist, and then he hired Keith Emerson to play keyboards on songs he wrote for a play? It happened in Istanbul, friends. Turkish folk singer Fikret K?z?lok started out balancing his interest in the toothy arts with playing rhythm guitar in a Beatles knock-off band. He quickly gave both up for more serious acoustic songwriting, unveiling aged melodies and florid picking that evoked the long history of the hilly Turkish countryside.

In the early 70s, while trying to recover from a period of mourning, K?z?lok also hired an electric & very splashy backing band, and started throwing in prog flute and ritzy Doorsish organ rips.

This collection of singles from 1971-75 lets you taste each of K?z?lok’s and Anatolia’s many moods.