Sai Yoshiko

Live At Shibuya O-nest

Release Notes
  • Unreleased live performance
  • Her first solo live performance ever
  • Comes with Japanese OBI-Strip

After taking a hiatus from her music career in 1979, Yoshiko Sai did not perform on stage until 2014, but in 2015 she held her first solo live performance ever. This album is the first record to include recordings of her entire solo live performance. The show consisted of two parts and was a culmination of her career, featuring a selection of the best songs from her five albums, from her debut album to her latest release, as well as a newly released song. The backing band included active alternative musicians such as JOJO Hiroshige and Futoshi Okano from Hijokaidan, HAJIMETAL and Ryoko Ono helped create an exciting and energetic atmosphere. It’s very rare for her on-stage banter are also recorded.