Shonen Knife

Minna Tanoshiku (Everybody Happy)

Release Notes
  • Comes with Japanese obi-strip
  • First ever reissue
  • Indie debut from Shonen Knife

After K Records founder Calvin Johnson found a copy of their official debut from Zero Records ‘Burning Farm’, in a record crate, he would release it in the United States, where it found its way to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. The resulting tour (and some of the greatest moments in rock music history) is now the stuff of legends!

Recorded and released exclusively on cassette in 1982, Minna Tanoshiku Shonen Knife was the first ever release from Shonen Knife. Of the 89 total copies ever manufactured, 50 were made by the band themselves and sold exclusively by hand at live shows. These 50 came with a lip print-adorned imprint, supposedly from the three band members or, from one of their grandmothers, and would become highly collectible, being nearly impossible to find even on the second hand market.

In the 40 years since, the album has never been reissued in any form – until now! For the first time ever, the debut album from Shonen Knife, Minna Tanoshiku Shonen Knife is being reissued on CD and analog vinyl!

The album features early versions of “Burning Farm” “Banana Leaf” “Summertime Boogie”, in stripped down lo-fi form. Comparisons to the later, official versions are inevitable, but without the sheen of a proper studio or recording setup, the DIY charm of Shonen Knife is on full display! As Naoko, Michie, and Atsuko play through the album’s 13 tracks, their positive energy is infectious. By the end, it’ll be more than clear why Kurt Cobain fell in love with this oddball all-girls punk band from Japan!

Reissued on limited edition vinyl, Shonen Knife’s Minna Tanoshiku (Everybody Happy) is sure to be one of the finest reissues of the year! Complete with an obi-strip, this is one that you’re not gonna want to miss!