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The Last Blockbuster Soundtrack

Release Notes
  • Limited Edition Colored Vinyl (VHS Split with Splatter)
  • First Time on vinyl
  • Features music from Punchline and Wordburglar
  • Score music by Dave Trichter and Steve Soboslai of Punchline
The Last Blockbuster Soundtrack
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Enjoy The Ride Records in conjunction with PopMotion Pictures proudly present The Last Blockbuster Motion Picture Soundtrack. The Last Blockbuster is a documentary film about Blockbuster’s last store, located in Bend, Oregon, and the rise and fall of the iconic video chain store. Available on vinyl for the first time, The Last Blockbuster Motion Picture Soundtrack features music from Punchline and Wordburglar, as well as covers of “Kiss Me” and “All Star,” plus score music by Dave Trichter and Steve Soboslai of Punchline.