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Beach Diggin'

Release Notes
  • A compilation of rare and unknown tracks to chill on the beach
  • The first compilation runs by GUTS, an avid record collector, teamed with the artists MAMBO
  • Support from DJs worldwide: Gilles Peterson, Toshio Matussura, Lefto, Laurent Garnier, Michael Ruetten…

Guts, a producer exiled in Ibiza, and Mambo, a Los-Angeles-based painter, have been lounging on the shore with the sound of the waves lapping in the background as they sift through the vinyl for their Beach Diggin’ collection. Far, far from the mouldy-smelling, lightless cellars where record hunters usually hang out. Diggin’ disks as others dig beaches, because getting your hands on a good vinyl, its grooves virtually unexplored, is like stumbling on a dazzling expanse of virgin sand.

Guts and Mambo have little time for the idea that Brazilians have to play bossa nova, Cubans must salsa and a Jamaican has to be into reggae. They sniff around the blind spots away from the beaches packed with noisy tourists and come up with Philipino who make northern soul, West Indians who lay down earth-shaking dub beats, and Trinidadians who unleash funk laced with lots of brass. Not to mention Peruvians, Frenchies and even Spaniards who can recreate the atmosphere of a humid, totally torrid sixties Rio party.

On the seafront, Guts and Mambo have put together a 16-track playlist that is hip without being elitist, guided by the highest standards and unwavering principles of sun, escapism, the good life and nothing below 25°C.

Sixteen tracks are stamped on the pages of the record’s passport – boss nova, soul, jazz, latin, afro-funk and tropical -, souvenirs of travels through North and Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean islands.

Intoxicating tunes, radiant rhythms, velveteen vocals: Beach Diggin’ is for sipping through a straw, wiggling your hips and shaking your pelvis to, and it’s made to bring bodies into friction.