Various Artists

What a Wonderful World with Original Love?

Release Notes
  • Double LP pressed on black vinyl
  • A tribute to Takao Tajima’s “Original Love”
  • Featuring artists such as Tomoyo Harada, Ryosuke Nagaoka, and Shiina Ringo

Takao Tajima’s style of musical expression = Original Love. Since debuting in 1991 with the single “DEEP FRENCH KISS” (released on June 14, 1991), Original Love has continued to propose and update Japan’s good music standards with high tension, soulful rock, and alternative. To commemorate the 30th anniversary, the first official cover album “What a Wonderful World with Original Love?” A wonderful circle of music drawn by the rich connections between Original Love’s music and Takao Tajima’s artists, comrades, and artists who will be responsible for the next generation of Japan with whom I feel close.
In this wonderful era, this album explores the new world of Original Love drawn by wonderful musicians with their love of music.