Pearls Before Swine

The Wizard Of Is

Release Notes
  • 31 tracks
  • Sourced from the private tape collection of the late, great Tom Rapp
  • Pressed on black double vinyl
  • Includes 7 live bonus tracks
The Wizard Of Is
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Remastered and re-appraised 31-track collection of Pearls Before Swine rarities from the private tape collection of the late, great Tom Rapp.

“Extremely influential.” Rolling Stone

For the first time on vinyl, this beautiful collection brings together alternate versions of Rapp originals ‘The Jeweler’, ‘Translucent Carriages’ and ‘Rocket Man’. It also includes jaw-dropping covers of Rapp’s contemporaries Cohen, Dylan and Joni Mitchell, with bonus download material featuring seven amazing live versions plus a never before released intimate show at The Other End circa 1976.

“A more intoxicating version of folk psychedelia.” Wire magazine

A goldmine of possibilities from a prospector with a silver tongue and stories to tell. ‘The Wizard Of Is’ is a weird and wonderful trip inside its creator’s mind, from sonnets and space hymns to stories of revolution and the war. It’s an American Gothic fantasy that straddles old time America and the outer edges of an imagined stratosphere.