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Teresa Teng

Mou wang koyoi

Release Notes
  • This album includes the Chinese (Mandarin) versions of the national song “天外天上天無涯” and the hits “Tsugunai”, “Aijin” and “Toki no nagare ni mi wo makase”
  • Pressed on black vinyl
  • Originally released in 1992

Teresa Teng’s Best Chinese Album. This album includes the Chinese (Mandarin) version of the national song “How many days you come again” and the hits “Tsugunai”, “Aijin” and “Toki no nagare ni mi wo makase”

There are 12 songs in total, including Teng’s latest recording (at the time) “Mobo Koyoi” and “Jinmen Momoka”

Original release date: October 28, 1992