R. Stevie Moore

Delicate Tension

Release Notes
  • First ever vinyl reissue!
  • Remastered from the original analog reels.
  • Includes digital download of entire album.

Personal Injury is pleased to present R. Stevie Moore’s classic 2nd album Delicate Tension, originally released by Stevie’s uncle on HP Music in 1978. Delicate Tension is regarded as an absolute highlight of RSM’s massive discography and was featured as one of his six most essential albums in The WIRE’s recent cover article. Reissued for the first time on vinyl in an exact-repro sleeve and mastered from a digital transfer off the original analog reels.

For the unitiated, "R. Stevie was making home recorded experimental pop records before “lo-fi” was even a word, and he produces songs the way Steve Keene produces paintings: constantly, in great numbers, with something interesting about each one – fans of ELO, XTC, and LSD should check." (Robert Schneider – The Apples In Stereo)